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Zachariah Bourne - Personal Development and Dating Coach

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My Story

Zachariah is a passionate Personal Development and Dating Coach who has been helping thousands of people live their ideal life for seven years. His goal is to create more love and happiness in the world, and he does this by empowering his clients to become a match to their ideal partner. Zachariah's approach to personal development and dating is unique, focusing on change from the inside out. He believes that through self-improvement and inner growth, people can attract their perfect match. He helps his clients create unique emotional states that attract love powerfully, and also teaches them how to create their own happiness, regardless of external circumstances. Zachariah has been featured in Huffington Post, Success Magazine, and, and is the author of the upcoming book "Love By Design."

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I absolutely loved working with Zachariah Bourne. He taught me all the tools I needed to gain confidence in myself and to truly love myself. I would not be where I am today without his help. I am happily married and loving my new life! I am so very thankful I had the opportunity to work with him.


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The tools you gave me have helped me so much. My goal was to travel and see the world, so far I have covered 12 countries and have 4 more planned. I’m also in a relationship [for three years now] that continues to grow all the time. Thank you for all that you do, your work changed my life.


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If you are looking for a Coach for Lessons in Life, and Love that could change your perspective about your relationships and how you feel about yourself, then Zachariah Bourne is it.  I met Zach several years ago. We had several personal coaching sessions. I am happy to say I am now in an amazing relationship with the Love of my Life because I took what I learned and incorporated into my life.  It was a life altering, and I couldn’t be happier.  Zachariah gave me a gift, the gift of Love. I can’t thank him enough. (Update: Now I am recently married!)



207 27th Ave N, St. Petersburg, FL 33704, USA

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